jeudi 1 mai 2014


 photo 791IMG_7734_zps96532533.jpg Barcelona, mars 2014 "A room where it always rains"

I found a few days ago a couple of quite interesting interviews with Juan Muñoz, so I am adding one more display we saw close to the beach in Barcelona.

   photo 792IMG_7735_zps2ab6575b.jpg Barcelona, mars 2014

Part of a conversation between Juan Muñoz and Paul Schimmel on September 18th, 2000:

PS: You create a very twisted beauty. This has a long tradition in Spanish painting -Diego Velazquez's dwarves, Francisco de Goya's hollowed-out eyes. 

JM: I try to make the work engaging for the spectator. And then unconsciously, but more interestingly, I try to make you aware that something is really wrong...

   photo 793IMG_7736_zps6b69aace.jpg Barcelona, mars 2014

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