Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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Key Biscayne, Florida 2007

Other places, other cultures. After having visited Brookville Daily Photo today, these pictures taken a while ago, came back to my mind.
This seagull, a herring gull I think, was trying to have lunch but it was not counting on me being around... I later scooped the fish with my shoe and gave it back to the sea.
In fact this puffer fish -diodon- which is considered as a delicacy in Japan can contain toxins and Florida has a commercial ban on them...

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  1. Et bien , la chasse est ouverte .
    Bonne journée

  2. Oh wow. Nice photos. I see where you made the connection between these and my photo today. Nice shots. Glad you gave the fish back to the sea.

  3. Ce poisson lune et ce message me touche. Mon père, dont j'étais la seule fille, aimait me gâter et il m'avait offert un poisson lune... Pas un vivant mais bien gonflé et hérissé comme celui qui est le dos collé au sable comme un ciel gris plombé. LOL
    Je suis contente que tu aies (peut-être) sauvé celui-ci qui était vivant...

  4. Très belles photos !
    Mystères de la nature...

  5. that's a big mouthful for a gull and a strange looking fish! Lovely series of photos.